Pride and Joy


“If you only buy one parenting book in the next ten years, do yourself (and your children) a favor and make it Pride and Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Emotions and Solving Family Problems by Dr. Kenneth Barish… Pride and Joy will certainly help parents repair and enrich relationships with their children while helping them establish the rules and limits children really do crave. Best Parenting Book of 2012.”
Gina Stepp, (Read full review)

“I feel that Barish’s book hits the bull’s eye on its target of helping parents understand the internal workings of children and adolescents. It is a guarantee that parents as well as professionals who work with children/adolescents will learn new insights from Kenneth Barish’s book.”
PsychCentral, reviewed by Reviewed by Nicholette Leanza, M.ED, PCC-S (Read rull review)

“An insightful approach to parenting and parent/child dynamics, Pride & Joy is a smart choice for frustrated parents as well as any parent needing a boost or looking for alternate strategies in child rearing. Verdict? Read this. Chances are you’re already employing many of these strategies, but when it comes to your own pride and joy, a refresher never hurts. Your child—and your sanity—may well thank you for it. I know mine will.”
theloop, reviewd by Amalie Howard (Read full review)